Compare The Nissan Altima

Why the New 2018 Nissan Altima is Your Best Choice for a Midsized Sedan
Compare to the Honda Accord, Ford Fusion & Toyota Camry in Hickory

What makes one new car better than any other? When looking at the new 2018 Nissan Altima and its closest competitors, there are many factors, such as pricing, fuel efficiency, technology and more, and you'll quickly see you've made the right choice. After exploring these quick comparisons, which stack the new 2018 Altima up against similar editions of the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion, visit our Hickory, NC Nissan dealership serving Newton, Statesville, Gastonia, Morganton, Lincolnton and Lake Norman today for a test drive.

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Nissan Altima vs. Honda Accord in Hickory, NC

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular midsized sedans out there, but you'll find the Altima is a far better overall value. With more comfort for your passengers, a better engine upgrade and overall cost, the Altima bests the Accord and presents you with an ideal commuter that's also spacious enough for delightful family driving. Take a look through the comparison below and see why the Altima is a far better choice than the new Accord.

  • The starting price of the new Altima is lower than the base level of the Accord. This is important if you're looking for the best overall deal, as well as when you decide on a higher trim with feature and engine upgrades, as those will be more cost effective with the Altima than if you were choosing a higher trim of the Accord.
  • While you can upgrade to a more powerful turbocharged four-cylinder with the new Accord, you won't find a powerful V-6 like you will with the Altima. That option means you can sacrifice a few mpgs for a thrilling sense of performance in a dynamic midsized sedan.
  • Up front, the Altima provides a more spacious seating arrangement when compared to the Accord. This means adult passengers can enjoy added leg and head room inside the new Altima, compared to the Accord, which is a little more cramped.

Nissan Altima vs. Toyota Camry in Hickory, NC

Finally, we get to the most popular midsized sedan in America: the new Toyota Camry. Getting by on name recognition, the Camry is certainly a tempting offer, but the Altima will provide you with a better overall value when you look closer at the two sedans. From its pricing to the stronger warranty coverage to the cargo space, the new Altima has a lot to offer that the Camry falls short with. See more then visit us near Gastonia for a test drive in the new Altima.

  • The starting price of the Altima is considerably lower than the Camry, so if you want to add more features or choose a higher trim, you'll have a more cost-effective way to add features and upgrade your car while sticking to a budget.
  • The Altima affords you more cargo space in the trunk, along with fold-down rear seats that create more room for all your stuff, when compared to the Camry. Any midsized sedan will lack the kind of cargo space found in a crossover or SUV, but making the most out of your trunk area is ideal.
  • Finally, the Altima comes with a generous three-year / 36,000-mile roadside assistance program. This isn't offered as a standard inclusion with the Camry, which means you'll have to spend more for that layer of protection and added confidence.

Nissan Altima vs. Ford Fusion in Hickory, NC

A midsized sedan ought to blend efficiency with sensible space inside, and that's a huge part of what makes the Altima your best bet, especially when compared to the new Fusion. You'll also love knowing the Altima has earned better safety ratings than most sedans, while the Fusion still hasn't been graded by J.D. Power and other industry sources. See what else makes the Altima the better four-door than the new 2018 Ford Fusion, then visit us in Hickory today.

  • The Altima is the far more efficient sedan when compared to the Fusion. Even if you select the smaller EcoBoost four-cylinder with the Fusion, you'll only earn up to 34 mpg on the highway, while the Altima's base four-cylinder delivers 39 highway mpg.
  • When investing in any kind of vehicle, you'll want to determine its long-term value. The Altima scores highly in terms of reliability and long-term ownership costs, much better than what the Fusion is rated at, so even if the Altima has a higher price tag, the investment may be smarter across several years.
  • Whether you're driving solo or have the family in tow, you'll want to stay safe on the road. The Altima is one of the safest sedans out there, graded by sources like the IIHS and J.D. Power, while the Fusion doesn't match the Altima's high ratings and hasn't even been graded by some sources.